Complaint to Glamour UK

Dear Madam or Sir, Today, a woman (possibly, of course I have no idea how she identifies) named Kat, reposted Juno Dawson’s contribution to the magazine, where they disparage gender critical …

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Snakes and Mushrooms: The List Transgender Activists Refuse to Make – A List to Tell True Trans (TT) From Predatory Creepy Men (PCM) From TT Who Are Also PCM (TTPCM)

Transgender activists love telling real women that there is no danger from allowing men who claim to be women into women’s spaces. The fact that there are men who claim to be women who have attacked and killed women is ignored or disbelieved by these activists, as is the fact that men who claim to be women offend criminally as much as all other men as a class do.

For the sake of argument, however, let us assume that all men who claim to be women are perfect angels who pose no threat to women. That still leaves the issue of how allowing men who claim to be women into women’s facilities also allows all men, even rapists and perverts, in women’s spaces. The transgender activists tell real women that only trans are allowed in and often claim that even if other men come in, women should/would be able to tell the difference.

The idea that women have some super mind power to immediately tell a trans from a non-trans or a harmless man from a dangerous man is laughable. Women love and marry men who turn out to be child molesters. Women befriend men who turn out to be unhinged stalkers. This is not because women are stupid, it is because bad men are often quite capable of putting on an act to get close to victims and to convince others that they are good guys who would never do such things.

So I think it is the duty of the transgender activists to provide real women with a list that lets us tell the predator man from the harmless man, since they claim it is possible.

Trans activists LOVE making lists. They make lists of what words other people are allowed to use. They make lists telling real women the 126 things we can do every day to center men who claim to be women in our every action and thought. They make lists about all the awful things like truth and reality that are horribly transphobic.

So transgender activists should be willing to make a list that can educate real women on how to tell a TT from a PCM from a TTPCM – and these would have to be differences that women could observe fast enough to avoid attack. Oh, and the list would of course have to be reliable.

Now I did some research and there are guides on how to tell venomous snakes from non-venomous snakes (warning – pictures of snakes at these links)

There are even guides to tell you that relying on those other guides may not be enough or that those others guides may be wrong


There are also guides about inedible and edible mushrooms. Note that most of these guides are honest enough (or scared of lawsuits enough) that they have disclaimers that say following this guide or pictures is not a guarantee you still won’t consume a dangerous mushroom (warning – pictures of mushrooms at these links).

Of course, these guides exist because there are actual physical characteristics that can be observed for both snakes and mushrooms that have some relationship to the venomous or poisonous status of the entity possessing those characteristics. Yet even the authors of these lists, often experts in these matters, caution that these lists are not going to be 100% accurate.

Nobody decent would tell another human being to just eat any old mushroom they find growing around and nobody in their right mind would say it is safe to pick up any snake and not worry about being bit. Yet transgender activists are happy to wave away the safety concerns of real women and tell us that we are hysterical bigots to even worry about our own safety.

Real women have rights to safety and privacy. If there really is a way to tell a dangerous man from a harmless man on sight alone then IT MUST BE REQUIRED THAT THE TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS SUPPLY THAT INFORMATION.

We won’t even get into the issue that I just thought of — would a list based on looks and/or sounds be any help to women with eyesight or hearing issues?

So, until and unless the transgender activists can produce a guide on telling the TT from the PCM from the TTPCM they should not expect real women to allow any men, even men who claim to be women, into women’s spaces.

One Woman’s Attempt To Form An Army of Men To Oppose Men Who Claim To Be Women

[Trigger warning this for discussion of crime, mercenary army building, all around lack of give-a-crap, and poor attempts at humor]

In their ongoing efforts to bully women who disagree with them into silence, the trans activists continue to claim that men committing violence against trans happens because we women won’t sit down, shut up and drinks the trans kool-aid. Now I have called BS on this before and anybody with half a brain should be able to see that women as a class do not have violent men under our control. If we did, I doubt violence against women by men would be such a problem.

It has always seemed clear to me that blaming women for acts committed by men is misogyny most foul. Another way for the men to keep women from trying to have their own spaces and to keep women from setting boundaries for their own safety.

There is no serious desire on the part of women for men who claim to be women to come to harm. If there was, consider how long a group that comprises left than ½ percent (maybe less) of the population could survive at all if 50% of the population was determined to get rid of them. The list of murders committed against men who claim to be women BY women might have one or two names on it. The list of actual physical assaults against men who claim to be women BY women might have a half a dozen names.

Men do sometimes attack men who claim to be women. Usually those assaults happen during a relationship with the victim or while the victim is working in prostitution. Women are not involved.

So the trans activists have to make women take the fall for men’s violence by making the laughable charge that it is women’s WORDS and OPINIONS that make men attack other men.

Better writers than me have pointed out that if women’s words could control men’s actions, the world would be a much different place. So the idea that dangerous men give a horse’s patoot what women have said or written when those men make the decision to be violent is simply goofy.

To be fair to the goofy wing of the trans activist movement, though, I decided to conduct an experiment. The trans activists claim that women who don’t believe that men can be women want to kill all trans. Not true but I have yet to see that trans activists care about truth. I did start to wonder, though…what IF I wanted to form a mercenary army of brutal men under my command who would do my bidding without question and march to war against the men who claim to be women?

How could such a force be gathered and controlled? My experience with military matters is very limited. I have found that violent men tend to not want to take orders from women. Luckily for me, my old friend HL (name redacted) came to visit and he said he had found a list of the types of people who one would hire to make a great mercenary army. I tweeted out “Help Wanted” for each category in the exact order on the list.

The result of this Grand Experiment of a woman trying to recruit large numbers of violent men to do her bidding? I took some notes after meeting the applicants for each category on the list. Read and decide for yourselves if this woman had much success.


Rustlers: not a great beginning for a mercenary army. Once they found out no cattle were involved, they said no way.

Cutthroats: every single one of them was an undercover cop trying to entrap me! I had to tell them I was doing research for a book.

Murderers: one really has to be careful advertising for stuff like this. Once again, most of the responders were undercover cops. The rest of them were not interested in taking orders and preferred to set their own hours and goals. Sometimes residing in a “stand your ground” state is a good thing when job postings go bad. Note to self – need more ammo soon.

Bounty Hunters: they all wanted to have a reality TV show.

Desperadoes: really really need to be more specific with these job listings. Got an Eagles tribute band.

Mugs, pugs and thugs: once I found good homes for all the pugs, this group showed promise. A cadre of thick-necked hairy knuckled man-apes that looked like they could throw down with anybody. Had to tell them that all the jobs have just been filled when they all starting declaring Caitlyn Jenner the bravest person ever and deciding that they were all women, too.

Nitwits, halfwits and dimwits: got no replies. Did some research and found out that all the nitwits, halfwits and dimwits use Blockbot and so would never see my Tweeted job postings.

Vipers: found out Parseltongue is not real. Snake bite treatment way too expensive. Got better on my own.

Snipers: another batch of mostly undercover cops and the ones that weren’t cops were ruinously expensive and not worth the money considering how many vipers are still in the backyard after their try-outs.

Con Men: they did not seem very trustworthy.

Indian Agents: got no replies and starting to wonder where HL got this list from.

Mexican Bandits: got called a stupid woman for not knowing that bandits rob people and generally don’t take mercenary work. I also got the impression that they felt this job posting was racist to only ask for Mexicans. Told them I did not write the list, somebody else did.

Muggers: another bunch that felt their skills were not a match for the job description.

Buggerers: every single applicant was interested in getting the phone numbers of men who claim to be women but they wanted to date them, not fight with them.

Bushwhackers: got a reply from the WWE stating that Luke and Butch retired but were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year. Sent a tweet to HL asking him where the hell he got this list from.

Hornswogglers: no serious applicants but a few people tweeted at me about Talk Like A Pirate day and some had to be blocked after telling me I should educate myself about hyphenation and spelling.

Horse Thieves: same response as the rustlers except about horses. FINALLY heard back from HL! He said he found the list in a box that belonged to his great-great-grandfather (the one he was named after) and had no explanation for why “the town of Rockridge will be mine” was scrawled on the back of the list. I wonder if the first HL had any luck with his army?

Bull Dykes: got a couple of tweets but they were mostly concerned about ways to make men who claim to be women stay as far away from them as possible.

Train Robbers and Bank Robbers: undercover cops, ex-cons, wannabees, etc. Got mansplained at AGAIN about how robbers like to rob, not fight.

Ass-Kickers and Shit-Kickers: looked like this list of HL’s was finally going to pay off but one of the Ass-Kickers decided that one of the Shit-Kickers looked at him funny and the Sheriffs had to break up the resulting brawl. AKs and SKs got carted off to jail and Sheriff (name redacted) seemed to be getting very suspicious about my claim to be doing research for a book. Glad that I am near the end of the list because Sheriff (name redacted) said this was the last time he was coming out here tonight.

Methodists: said they were getting really tired of this crap.


Exiles in their own flesh: A psychotherapist speaks

Got this from Gender Trender – please read and hope there are more doctors out there like this trying to help kids, not hurt them.


This is a guest post submitted by Lane Anderson (a pseudonym), a practicing psychotherapist who has worked extensively with “trans kids” and their families. She shares with us her clinical insights into her clients, child psychology, and the impact of the transgender phenomenon on our society as a whole.

If there are other mental health providers reading this post, please consider guest posting or responding in the comments section below the article.

I am a licensed psychotherapist. I’m writing this post on my last day at a teen health clinic, where I’ve seen patients and their families for nearly a decade.

In the past year especially, it’s become increasingly clear to me that I cannot uphold the primary value of my profession, to do no harm, without also seriously jeopardizing my standing in the professional community.  It’s a terrible and unfortunate conflict of interest. I’ve lost much sleep over the fact that, for a significant portion of my clients and their parents, I am unable to provide what they profess…

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Why Trans Agenda Violates The Rights of Others

I live in the United States so the social behavior I am writing about may not be the same for all readers.

I am an atheist. I am allowed to be one. I don’t have to follow any religion or be attacked by people for not following their beliefs. I have no right to go into any place of worship and disrupt their services. There are religious people who go out in public and scream at people for not following that group’s interpretation of their religion but they are mostly seen as pests.  If two religious groups want to rumble in the street, eventually the forces of the secular government are going to break them up because that sort of thing gets in the way of other people wanting to go places, buy things and make money.

This mostly works well.  Yes, there are politicians trying to vote their religious beliefs on others but we get to fight back. It is perfectly permissible to have different beliefs or have no religion at all. Some religions, for example, forbid eating pork. If somebody from those faiths opens a cafe, I doubt they will serve a BLT with real bacon. I can choose to eat there or not. I can go to my favorite BBQ joint without fear of religious zealots hovering about trying to take away my rib platter.

Balance has been worked out where religion can be freely practiced without infringing on the rights of others. Nothing is perfect and things are always be worked out. That is what the courts are far and our shared goal should be to settle issues as fairly as possible.

Sadly, there is now a group that does not respect the rights of others to not partake in make-believe and dogma. The trans activists are pushing a religion since there is no proof that a man can become a woman and many of these activists will tell you that a man can become a woman merely by saying that he is one. That is religion in a nutshell: this is true because we believe it.

The mainstream churches in the USA have learned to deal with non-believers in a mostly non-hateful way. Their doors are open to new converts but if you don’t want to follow their rules, you can go on your way. Nobody has to participate in the practices of any church. The trans agenda, however, requires obedience from all. They cannot tolerate “disrespect” of their beliefs. That some people have more respect for reality than their beliefs is called hatred. Any woman who states that she will not have this mostly man-driven religion infringe on her rights, privacy and opportunities is a transphobe.

This is not how things have to be. Maybe one day the trans activists will codify their beliefs into a religion that can be recognized. They may learn that other people have the right to observe the world and describe accurately all that they see and experience. The trans activists can stop trying to make thought crimes out of every word or observation that does not please them. They can make peace with the fact that the entire world will never bow to their whims and dogma. The trans activists may then decide to stop trying to take over women’s spaces. Their energies would be spent on making trans spaces and they might become content with who they are rather than try to appropriate women as an “identity” or lifestyle.

Then those of us who don’t believe in make-believe can go on as atheists and have our rights respected.

I Could Call My Knee Fat-phobic But That Would Be Like Calling Biology Transphobic

The continuing practice of trans activists calling anybody who respects facts and lives in the reality-based community transphobic is an interesting example of how a group with no good arguments uses drama to try and silence people.

I will say, though, that sometimes it is hard to face the idea that our feelings just don’t matter.  I understand that fat women have it way worse then fat men in my culture. I have been thin and I have been fat and know full well how much better thin people have it. No, being thin is not a ticket to a stress free life in a house made of diamonds.  I get that. I would rather be a wealthy fat person living in safety and comfort than be a thin person living in poverty and constant danger.

That brings us to my horrible, fat-phobic uncaring knee.  A lifetime of working in a variety of jobs requiring lifting 50 or more pounds at a time, climbing up and down ladders, standing in one place for hours, walking miles a day, etc. have given me a decent lifestyle and osteoarthritis in my hands, neck and knee.  I am happy that it is plain old osteo and not rheumatoid arthritis.

After the x-rays were taken, the doctor said one of the things I could do to relieve pain in my knee would be to lose weight. Now, I could have gone all drama on him and accused him of hating fat people and wanting to erase us from society and all that jazz. I love to eat and have never cared about my weight before because I could always do what I wanted to do at any weight I have ever carried. So, I thanked him for the advice and said I would think about it and we parted ways without me screaming at him to DIAF.

Pain in my knee would not go away. Not interested in living on painkillers so I decided to try the weight loss thing. I don’t like restricting my food intake. It is a tedious process and makes life less enjoyable. I often go off the plan for days and then go back on. Dieting does not make me feel empowered or giddy at the thought of being smaller.  Luckily I have no other health problems that could prevent me from losing weight by restricting food intake.

My knee cares nothing for my feelings or what I want.  After 25 pounds came off, the structures of bone, cartilage, sinew, and muscle that make up the knee responded by working better and not causing me any more pain.

This is my own experience and not everybody gets the same results but the point stands. I could not bully, shame or cry my way out of a biological problem. That is why so many trans activists get frustrated with us reality-based people, we cannot (and should not have to) give in to them when they demand that facts, biology and reality be subject to the whims and delusions of the human mind. This way of looking at the world is not based on hate or fear, it is based on logic, clear thinking and an understanding that sometimes we can’t have things our way all the time.

I also see that much of the rage seen in trans activists is the result of them knowing, really knowing deep down, that they are wrong.  Men do not become women by word or deed. We are what we are and it is not the least bit phobic to tell somebody that the world cannot be expected to cater to their every delusion and fantasy. Most of us learn that as we grow up. We have to find a way to work out in our minds how to deal with realities that may displease us.

So the trans activists will rage, clutch their pearls and call out the pronoun police any time somebody speaks the truth. Hope they enjoy their drama-filled life because we the people of the reality based community are not going to be giving up our respect for rational thought.

Trauma And The Reality-Based Community

Haven’t been posting much lately but, as usual, other radfems have been writing so well that I have felt I have nothing to add or at least nothing that would add much.

Did have a little Twitter dust-up today that I feel like expanding on.  Another trans advocate from the fact-free crowd. After I tweeted that this person seemed to know very little about anything, the twit fired back that I had obviously never dealt with anybody who had experienced “trauma.”

Trauma is experienced daily by millions of people. Civilizations have fallen and atrocities without number have been been committed for centuries. Natural disasters happen all the time.

People will react to the same trauma differently since what destroys one person will be shrugged off by another person.   Says nothing about those two people except that they reacted differently to the same type of trauma.

All of us will experience some type of trauma in our lives. A poor person who never has much in the way of material goods may live happy and healthy to a ripe old age.  A person born to money and power may die horribly at a young age. Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people.

Some trauma can be avoided and some trauma cannot be avoided. We can only hope to learn to avoid what we can and then be one of the lucky ones for stuff that can’t be foreseen or dodged.

What trauma cannot do is change the real world. Earth gets hit by comet but water still freezes at same temperature. Volcano erupts and kills thousands but a horse cannot fly like a bird. Horde of rampaging warriors sacks a city and kills all the people but sun will still rise the next day. A man is robbed and beaten almost to death but he will never be a woman at any time in his life.

Now we have the AFTA crowd claiming that suffering a trauma means that everybody else has to bow down to the “traumatized” person’s delusions and fantasies. I can see how that is a great derailing tactic since the person advocating facts can be called heartless and unfeeling. The emotional blackmail part of it is clever since people hate to be made to feel like they are attacking a traumatized person.

I am not falling for this.  The reality-based community has to be able to resist this nonsense. Facts are not something that change because we want them to. I might want to win a 400m footrace with a healthy adult cheetah, but it is not going to happen. Some trans activists may want to believe that men can become women but that does not happen.  All the bullying, derailing, whining, emotional blackmailing, gas-lighting, etc. in the world will not make that happen.