One Woman’s Attempt To Form An Army of Men To Oppose Men Who Claim To Be Women

[Trigger warning this for discussion of crime, mercenary army building, all around lack of give-a-crap, and poor attempts at humor]

In their ongoing efforts to bully women who disagree with them into silence, the trans activists continue to claim that men committing violence against trans happens because we women won’t sit down, shut up and drinks the trans kool-aid. Now I have called BS on this before and anybody with half a brain should be able to see that women as a class do not have violent men under our control. If we did, I doubt violence against women by men would be such a problem.

It has always seemed clear to me that blaming women for acts committed by men is misogyny most foul. Another way for the men to keep women from trying to have their own spaces and to keep women from setting boundaries for their own safety.

There is no serious desire on the part of women for men who claim to be women to come to harm. If there was, consider how long a group that comprises left than ½ percent (maybe less) of the population could survive at all if 50% of the population was determined to get rid of them. The list of murders committed against men who claim to be women BY women might have one or two names on it. The list of actual physical assaults against men who claim to be women BY women might have a half a dozen names.

Men do sometimes attack men who claim to be women. Usually those assaults happen during a relationship with the victim or while the victim is working in prostitution. Women are not involved.

So the trans activists have to make women take the fall for men’s violence by making the laughable charge that it is women’s WORDS and OPINIONS that make men attack other men.

Better writers than me have pointed out that if women’s words could control men’s actions, the world would be a much different place. So the idea that dangerous men give a horse’s patoot what women have said or written when those men make the decision to be violent is simply goofy.

To be fair to the goofy wing of the trans activist movement, though, I decided to conduct an experiment. The trans activists claim that women who don’t believe that men can be women want to kill all trans. Not true but I have yet to see that trans activists care about truth. I did start to wonder, though…what IF I wanted to form a mercenary army of brutal men under my command who would do my bidding without question and march to war against the men who claim to be women?

How could such a force be gathered and controlled? My experience with military matters is very limited. I have found that violent men tend to not want to take orders from women. Luckily for me, my old friend HL (name redacted) came to visit and he said he had found a list of the types of people who one would hire to make a great mercenary army. I tweeted out “Help Wanted” for each category in the exact order on the list.

The result of this Grand Experiment of a woman trying to recruit large numbers of violent men to do her bidding? I took some notes after meeting the applicants for each category on the list. Read and decide for yourselves if this woman had much success.


Rustlers: not a great beginning for a mercenary army. Once they found out no cattle were involved, they said no way.

Cutthroats: every single one of them was an undercover cop trying to entrap me! I had to tell them I was doing research for a book.

Murderers: one really has to be careful advertising for stuff like this. Once again, most of the responders were undercover cops. The rest of them were not interested in taking orders and preferred to set their own hours and goals. Sometimes residing in a “stand your ground” state is a good thing when job postings go bad. Note to self – need more ammo soon.

Bounty Hunters: they all wanted to have a reality TV show.

Desperadoes: really really need to be more specific with these job listings. Got an Eagles tribute band.

Mugs, pugs and thugs: once I found good homes for all the pugs, this group showed promise. A cadre of thick-necked hairy knuckled man-apes that looked like they could throw down with anybody. Had to tell them that all the jobs have just been filled when they all starting declaring Caitlyn Jenner the bravest person ever and deciding that they were all women, too.

Nitwits, halfwits and dimwits: got no replies. Did some research and found out that all the nitwits, halfwits and dimwits use Blockbot and so would never see my Tweeted job postings.

Vipers: found out Parseltongue is not real. Snake bite treatment way too expensive. Got better on my own.

Snipers: another batch of mostly undercover cops and the ones that weren’t cops were ruinously expensive and not worth the money considering how many vipers are still in the backyard after their try-outs.

Con Men: they did not seem very trustworthy.

Indian Agents: got no replies and starting to wonder where HL got this list from.

Mexican Bandits: got called a stupid woman for not knowing that bandits rob people and generally don’t take mercenary work. I also got the impression that they felt this job posting was racist to only ask for Mexicans. Told them I did not write the list, somebody else did.

Muggers: another bunch that felt their skills were not a match for the job description.

Buggerers: every single applicant was interested in getting the phone numbers of men who claim to be women but they wanted to date them, not fight with them.

Bushwhackers: got a reply from the WWE stating that Luke and Butch retired but were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year. Sent a tweet to HL asking him where the hell he got this list from.

Hornswogglers: no serious applicants but a few people tweeted at me about Talk Like A Pirate day and some had to be blocked after telling me I should educate myself about hyphenation and spelling.

Horse Thieves: same response as the rustlers except about horses. FINALLY heard back from HL! He said he found the list in a box that belonged to his great-great-grandfather (the one he was named after) and had no explanation for why “the town of Rockridge will be mine” was scrawled on the back of the list. I wonder if the first HL had any luck with his army?

Bull Dykes: got a couple of tweets but they were mostly concerned about ways to make men who claim to be women stay as far away from them as possible.

Train Robbers and Bank Robbers: undercover cops, ex-cons, wannabees, etc. Got mansplained at AGAIN about how robbers like to rob, not fight.

Ass-Kickers and Shit-Kickers: looked like this list of HL’s was finally going to pay off but one of the Ass-Kickers decided that one of the Shit-Kickers looked at him funny and the Sheriffs had to break up the resulting brawl. AKs and SKs got carted off to jail and Sheriff (name redacted) seemed to be getting very suspicious about my claim to be doing research for a book. Glad that I am near the end of the list because Sheriff (name redacted) said this was the last time he was coming out here tonight.

Methodists: said they were getting really tired of this crap.