I Could Call My Knee Fat-phobic But That Would Be Like Calling Biology Transphobic

The continuing practice of trans activists calling anybody who respects facts and lives in the reality-based community transphobic is an interesting example of how a group with no good arguments uses drama to try and silence people.

I will say, though, that sometimes it is hard to face the idea that our feelings just don’t matter.  I understand that fat women have it way worse then fat men in my culture. I have been thin and I have been fat and know full well how much better thin people have it. No, being thin is not a ticket to a stress free life in a house made of diamonds.  I get that. I would rather be a wealthy fat person living in safety and comfort than be a thin person living in poverty and constant danger.

That brings us to my horrible, fat-phobic uncaring knee.  A lifetime of working in a variety of jobs requiring lifting 50 or more pounds at a time, climbing up and down ladders, standing in one place for hours, walking miles a day, etc. have given me a decent lifestyle and osteoarthritis in my hands, neck and knee.  I am happy that it is plain old osteo and not rheumatoid arthritis.

After the x-rays were taken, the doctor said one of the things I could do to relieve pain in my knee would be to lose weight. Now, I could have gone all drama on him and accused him of hating fat people and wanting to erase us from society and all that jazz. I love to eat and have never cared about my weight before because I could always do what I wanted to do at any weight I have ever carried. So, I thanked him for the advice and said I would think about it and we parted ways without me screaming at him to DIAF.

Pain in my knee would not go away. Not interested in living on painkillers so I decided to try the weight loss thing. I don’t like restricting my food intake. It is a tedious process and makes life less enjoyable. I often go off the plan for days and then go back on. Dieting does not make me feel empowered or giddy at the thought of being smaller.  Luckily I have no other health problems that could prevent me from losing weight by restricting food intake.

My knee cares nothing for my feelings or what I want.  After 25 pounds came off, the structures of bone, cartilage, sinew, and muscle that make up the knee responded by working better and not causing me any more pain.

This is my own experience and not everybody gets the same results but the point stands. I could not bully, shame or cry my way out of a biological problem. That is why so many trans activists get frustrated with us reality-based people, we cannot (and should not have to) give in to them when they demand that facts, biology and reality be subject to the whims and delusions of the human mind. This way of looking at the world is not based on hate or fear, it is based on logic, clear thinking and an understanding that sometimes we can’t have things our way all the time.

I also see that much of the rage seen in trans activists is the result of them knowing, really knowing deep down, that they are wrong.  Men do not become women by word or deed. We are what we are and it is not the least bit phobic to tell somebody that the world cannot be expected to cater to their every delusion and fantasy. Most of us learn that as we grow up. We have to find a way to work out in our minds how to deal with realities that may displease us.

So the trans activists will rage, clutch their pearls and call out the pronoun police any time somebody speaks the truth. Hope they enjoy their drama-filled life because we the people of the reality based community are not going to be giving up our respect for rational thought.


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