From Zero To Drama in 0.01 Seconds

Screen-capped a Twitter exchange from previous night.  Hope it is readable.  This is, to the best of my recollection the one and only interaction I have ever had with this person on any media.  I probably will later go to Twitter and reply but this is where the whole thing stands now.ScreenshotforblogThe person posted in a quiet and reasonable manner that we should call the man who has the legal name of Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner (don’t know if he has legally changed his name or not).  “She wants to be called Caitlyn because she is Caitlyn.  Call her Caitlyn.”

I am used to stage names and people changing their names via marriage and legal means.  So, yes, it is reasonable to call somebody by the name they “go by” as long as they are not doing it to evade authorities for criminal activity.

What I cannot do is accept that a man can change into a woman simply by declaring it so.  This has nothing to do with how I feel about a particular transgender person or transgender issues in general.  This is a simple matter of biological fact and I have no interest in humoring the delusions of men.  The main reason I care about this issue is not from any good or bad intentions towards transgender people, it is that I can see how women will be furthered oppressed in a society that says we MUST believe any man is a woman whenever and where ever he says so.

Allowing men who claim to be women into women’s spaces gives woman-haters (who most likely are NOT going to be true transgender people) to have greater access to women for longer periods of time.  Telling women that we have no say in who we want to associate with is misogyny pure and simple.

So, that was the basis for my reply to the original tweet.  “I can call him Caitlyn if he wants me to, people can change their names.  He is still a man, man named Caitlyn.”   I thought this was a pretty clear and calm exchange between two strangers.  We each have our opinions and ways of looking at this issue.

Oh well, this was Twitter, after all, LOL.  What this person decided to glean from my response is the third tweet above “thank you for declaring that you are ignorant, uncompassionate (sic), brainwashed by norms and insecure about your sexuality.”

Yep, from zero to drama in 0.01 seconds.  I understand that over-the-top verbal bullying to try and silence women is pretty much the defining tactic of men who hate women and their handmaidens also practice it.  The odd thing is that they just don’t seem to understand how silly they look.  Stomping and wailing and throwing out the personal insults and slurs.  Is this really something they think is going to work against radical feminists or do they just hope to keep the libfems docile by showing what will be said about them the moment they ever disagree with their masters?

To expand on a tweet I made recently, it is clear why men who hate women (even if those men who claim to be women) and their handmaidens hate radfems so much.  We are the women who cannot be bought off, we cannot be bullied, we cannot be negged (look it up), we cannot be fooled, and we cannot be silenced.  So, knock yourself out with the super drama, we radfems just shrug it off, have a laugh and continue fighting the good fight for women.