The Real Problem With What Huckabee Said

OK, Huckabee and his latest nonsense about a creepy man laughing about how if trans activism had succeeded when he was in high school he would have been able to perv more on the women by saying “Coach, I think I’d rather shower with the girls today.”

Yes, Huckabee is a nasty vile toothache of a man, that is true.  But like a broken clock is correct twice every 24 hours, Huckabee makes a correct statement here.

Trans activists push the idea that any man, at any time can simply declare himself a woman and we HAVE to believe him.  He can be wearing what reads as ordinary men’s clothing.  He does not need to have had any hormonal treatment.  He does not need to have had any surgeries.  He may have declared himself a man ten seconds ago.  He may have a history of rape convictions.  He may decide to be a man again in twenty minutes.  He certainly does not have to registered in any type of therapy program.

So, yes, men will be even more free to perv on women if a subset of trans activists have their way.  Counter arguments?

1.  No man needs to go into a women’s locker room to see naked women!  So tired of dealing with this one but here we go again.  The men who perv on women get off on the violation of women.  They love that they can do things like rape and then get away with it.  The trans activists will just give men more time in more areas to abuse women in,

2.  Trans people are not abusers.  Some are and some are not.  The point is that we cannot tell the difference and so women just have more potential abusers in more spaces to be even more constantly vigilant about.

3.  A non-trans person won’t go thru the abuse trans people suffer just to abuse women.  A non-trans person may or may not be willing to do anything to to get to have more time and space to attack more women.  And the whole stinking point of what Huckabee was laughing about is that a non-trans person only has to claim to be trans for the amount of time it is convenient for him.  Yes, he can go right back to being a “regular guy” once he has had his fun abusing women.

The subset of trans activists pushing this gender identity crap will duck and dodge but they are fine with putting more women in danger to further their goals.  By saying we women HAVE to believe anything at any time because the words tumble out of the mouth of a man or a man claiming to be a woman or a handmaiden libfem, women are once again supposed to accept our abuse.

So, I agree that Huckabee is a horror, but he is 100% correct on what the end result of men claiming to be women will be for women.