Trauma And The Reality-Based Community

Haven’t been posting much lately but, as usual, other radfems have been writing so well that I have felt I have nothing to add or at least nothing that would add much.

Did have a little Twitter dust-up today that I feel like expanding on.  Another trans advocate from the fact-free crowd. After I tweeted that this person seemed to know very little about anything, the twit fired back that I had obviously never dealt with anybody who had experienced “trauma.”

Trauma is experienced daily by millions of people. Civilizations have fallen and atrocities without number have been been committed for centuries. Natural disasters happen all the time.

People will react to the same trauma differently since what destroys one person will be shrugged off by another person.   Says nothing about those two people except that they reacted differently to the same type of trauma.

All of us will experience some type of trauma in our lives. A poor person who never has much in the way of material goods may live happy and healthy to a ripe old age.  A person born to money and power may die horribly at a young age. Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people.

Some trauma can be avoided and some trauma cannot be avoided. We can only hope to learn to avoid what we can and then be one of the lucky ones for stuff that can’t be foreseen or dodged.

What trauma cannot do is change the real world. Earth gets hit by comet but water still freezes at same temperature. Volcano erupts and kills thousands but a horse cannot fly like a bird. Horde of rampaging warriors sacks a city and kills all the people but sun will still rise the next day. A man is robbed and beaten almost to death but he will never be a woman at any time in his life.

Now we have the AFTA crowd claiming that suffering a trauma means that everybody else has to bow down to the “traumatized” person’s delusions and fantasies. I can see how that is a great derailing tactic since the person advocating facts can be called heartless and unfeeling. The emotional blackmail part of it is clever since people hate to be made to feel like they are attacking a traumatized person.

I am not falling for this.  The reality-based community has to be able to resist this nonsense. Facts are not something that change because we want them to. I might want to win a 400m footrace with a healthy adult cheetah, but it is not going to happen. Some trans activists may want to believe that men can become women but that does not happen.  All the bullying, derailing, whining, emotional blackmailing, gas-lighting, etc. in the world will not make that happen.