Snakes and Mushrooms: The List Transgender Activists Refuse to Make – A List to Tell True Trans (TT) From Predatory Creepy Men (PCM) From TT Who Are Also PCM (TTPCM)

Transgender activists love telling real women that there is no danger from allowing men who claim to be women into women’s spaces. The fact that there are men who claim to be women who have attacked and killed women is ignored or disbelieved by these activists, as is the fact that men who claim to be women offend criminally as much as all other men as a class do.

For the sake of argument, however, let us assume that all men who claim to be women are perfect angels who pose no threat to women. That still leaves the issue of how allowing men who claim to be women into women’s facilities also allows all men, even rapists and perverts, in women’s spaces. The transgender activists tell real women that only trans are allowed in and often claim that even if other men come in, women should/would be able to tell the difference.

The idea that women have some super mind power to immediately tell a trans from a non-trans or a harmless man from a dangerous man is laughable. Women love and marry men who turn out to be child molesters. Women befriend men who turn out to be unhinged stalkers. This is not because women are stupid, it is because bad men are often quite capable of putting on an act to get close to victims and to convince others that they are good guys who would never do such things.

So I think it is the duty of the transgender activists to provide real women with a list that lets us tell the predator man from the harmless man, since they claim it is possible.

Trans activists LOVE making lists. They make lists of what words other people are allowed to use. They make lists telling real women the 126 things we can do every day to center men who claim to be women in our every action and thought. They make lists about all the awful things like truth and reality that are horribly transphobic.

So transgender activists should be willing to make a list that can educate real women on how to tell a TT from a PCM from a TTPCM – and these would have to be differences that women could observe fast enough to avoid attack. Oh, and the list would of course have to be reliable.

Now I did some research and there are guides on how to tell venomous snakes from non-venomous snakes (warning – pictures of snakes at these links)

There are even guides to tell you that relying on those other guides may not be enough or that those others guides may be wrong


There are also guides about inedible and edible mushrooms. Note that most of these guides are honest enough (or scared of lawsuits enough) that they have disclaimers that say following this guide or pictures is not a guarantee you still won’t consume a dangerous mushroom (warning – pictures of mushrooms at these links).

Of course, these guides exist because there are actual physical characteristics that can be observed for both snakes and mushrooms that have some relationship to the venomous or poisonous status of the entity possessing those characteristics. Yet even the authors of these lists, often experts in these matters, caution that these lists are not going to be 100% accurate.

Nobody decent would tell another human being to just eat any old mushroom they find growing around and nobody in their right mind would say it is safe to pick up any snake and not worry about being bit. Yet transgender activists are happy to wave away the safety concerns of real women and tell us that we are hysterical bigots to even worry about our own safety.

Real women have rights to safety and privacy. If there really is a way to tell a dangerous man from a harmless man on sight alone then IT MUST BE REQUIRED THAT THE TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS SUPPLY THAT INFORMATION.

We won’t even get into the issue that I just thought of — would a list based on looks and/or sounds be any help to women with eyesight or hearing issues?

So, until and unless the transgender activists can produce a guide on telling the TT from the PCM from the TTPCM they should not expect real women to allow any men, even men who claim to be women, into women’s spaces.