Cis sayers and fact-frees and bathrooms, oh my!

This cis stuff is becoming a bigger and bigger pile of nonsense every day.  Women are half of the population and now we are expected to define ourselves in a way that puts a tiny sliver of the population (people who believe they are not the sex they are) as the more important group.  As I said on Twitter, my planet revolves around the sun, not trans people.

So if people want to use cis, I can’t stop them but they will not stop me from using correct pronouns for men and women.  And the fact-free folks will not stop me from pointing out that biological facts are just that.  Women are people, we are not the “feelings” in a tiny number of trans people’s heads.  Pointing this out is not violence and it is not oppression.

People who commit violent acts against trans people are the only ones to blame for their acts.  I am all for the police arresting those people and letting the legal system do what it can.  As for the acts of violence trans people commit against themselves, that is something not under my control.

As to the big bathroom issue, well, I saw the cartoon in which a trans person feels that they will be “beaten up” if they go into the men’s room or “yelled at” if they go in the women’s room.  We are supposed to be OK with them choosing the women’s room.  I can’t buy that as the only solution since the men are allowed to continue to be violent, women are supposed to shut up and only the trans person is important enough to be safe.

If trans people fear violence from men, how are women not allowed to feel fear when a man who has lots of identity issues wants in our space?  And while women are warned to be vigilant every moment of every day so we don’t get attacked by men, suddenly we are treated like big silly babies for being concerned that ANY man who claims he is a woman can now enter spaces were we are more vulnerable without us even being allowed to verbally challenge his presence?

Personal experience time.  Several times I have seen men try to enter women’s bathrooms, sometimes going in right after young women have entered.  The response from myself and other people seeing this happen has been to loudly advise the man he is going into the wrong bathroom.  If the man was totally unaware of which restroom he was going into or if he decided to act like he was totally unaware, the result was that he did not enter or left the women’s room.  Even if he refused to leave, at least now everybody around was alerted that we needed to keep our eyes and ears open for trouble.

There is no way in heck I will stop calling out men in women’s bathrooms in this same way.  If the man’s intentions are benign, he might feel bad about being yelled at and I may look like a big old harpy but big deal.  If the man’s intentions were not benign and I said nothing, the result could be women being attacked and/or killed.  I am not sorry to value women’s health and lives over men’s feelings.

Well, that was my first real post.  This WordPress blog format and tools are new to me so have patience if you comment.  The more astute among you will already get that MRAs and woman haters will not be getting a warm welcome here.  And those who are not fans of long run-on sentences are fore-warned because that will never get better.  🙂